Roccocò – almond spiced biscuits

Roccocò which are almond spiced biscuits
The perfect present to heal the January blues
As unconventional as it may be to share a typical Christmas Neapolitan biscuit recipe after Christmas, I have to go ahead and post the recipe for roccocò today. It’s simply because of the sheer number of people who sampled the awesomeness of this biscuit and requested the recipe.

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Dolce al cioccolato – gooey chocolate cake

Dolce al cioccolato
“I will cheer you up”

This dolce al cioccolato is a guarantee for a decadent cuddle when your body is shouting and begging for comfort and pure pleasure. It’s a very Continue reading

Croccante di mandorle – toasted almond crunch

Croccante di mandorle layed beautifully on a tray
Croccante di mandorle: almost too beautiful to break into pieces

The croccante di mandorle essentially means Christmas. Its flavours, and the aroma that would surround and fill my family home during the Christmas holidays are pretty much printed in my DNA.

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